Al-Hawash Private University

Admission to HPU :

HPU accepts students holding:

1- General Secondary Education Certificate or its equivalent.
2- Intermediate Institute Certificate or its equivalent.
3- Diploma or its equivalent.

The University's admission requirements comply fully with the regulations established by the Syrian Ministry of Higher Education.
Transfer from other Universities
1- Transfer students must fulfill the University's admission requirements, including having attained the High School Certificate with a score complying with the regulations of the Syrian Ministry of Higher Education for the year during which the certificate was obtained.
2- Students must submit official transcripts of completed courses taken at an accredited university, with detailed course descriptions and verification of the credit hours and grades achieved.
3- Upon final acceptance at the University, students will be requested to submit a letter from their previous university confirming their withdrawal from that university.
4- Courses that are to be transferred must be substantially the same in both content and quality to the HPU courses, subject to the approval of the Syrian Ministry of Higher Education.
Transferring from one HPU Faculty to Another
1-Transfer from any HPU faculty to another is available upon completing a full term or 12 credit hours at least.

2-The student's score should be compatible with the score required by the faculty he or she wants to join.